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Alumni and North High Events




  • Since 1883, when North Side High School opened on the third floor of the now demolished Ashland Elementary School, North has served hundreds of thousands of Denverites.
  • During the fall, our Alumni Association celebrated Homecoming and North Side High School's 136-year history by hosting the Annual Birthday Party.  If you have not yet attended a birthday party, we hope that you join us next year.  This past October, one of North Denver's most legendary eateries, Carl's Pizza, catered our event. We  thank the owner, John Ludwig, a North High School Alumnus, for giving us an incredible catered meal.
  • In November, our community received exciting news.  Strive Prep Excel, the charter school that occupied the 1913 building of our campus since 2012, decided to consolidate its  programming with another Strive School.  Because of this decision, for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond, North High School will regain all of the space of the science and shops building.
  • The North Side High School Alumni Association has cancelled the monthly meetings for April, May, and June and the weekly coffees because of the coronavirus. 
  • The Annual Awards Dinner and the Annual All Classes Reunion at Lakeside Amusement Park are postponed with a possibility of August as the month for the events.
  • The Annual All Classes Reunion at Lakeside Amusement Park has been cancelled for this year.
  • The Annual Awards Dinner which is usually held in April of each year was cancelled this spring.  It will be held in the future - - date unknown.